Welcome to my Site

​I’ve been a writer for pay since the fifth grade. My first projects were
book reports for classmates, ranging from finches' mating habits
to presidential biographies. Those projects ended when my mother
found out and made me stop. Later, I helped fellow high school
students with their college essays and wrote for the school paper.
I did the latter until the ​principal got upset about an unflattering article
​I wrote about the school's detention system. You can guess what happened.

           I write fiction and nonfiction books, cookbooks, articles, and business documents today. Topics range from history to psychology and from education to spiritual growth. Sometimes, what I say upsets people. Sometimes, it makes them think. Sometimes, it makes them laugh. 

           I’ve published over 32 stories, news articles, columns, and books. Two more books are scheduled for release and two others are in progress.

           You can see my writing interests in the college degrees. I have a Ph.D. in Public History and Nonprofit Management from The Union Institute and University, a Post-graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from New York University, a master's degree in School Psychology and another in Mental Health Counseling from Wright State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Music from Miami University (Ohio).

           I live in Los Angeles, but I call Cleveland "home." I also lived in New York City for 20 years.